15 Tips To Improve Your Survey Response Rate

How well is your survey working?

A quick way to tell is how well it pulls in responses.

In survey research, the response rate is the number of people who answered your survey divided by the number of people in the sample.

With the increasing burden to retain customers, it is important that you figure out ways to increase your survey response rates. All your business may need to get to that next level could be the right customer feedback.

Better customer insights can make your business better, and using feedback from customers, you can build out new products and services to meet your customers’ needs and solve their problems. When you track feedback across a period of time, you can even build customer feedback profiles around your customers. Now you see why response rate is gold when it comes to using surveys to improve your business!

Now, let us jump right into the 15 tips to increase your survey response rates.

  1. Keep your survey short: Let the goal of your survey be clear even before you start putting it together. Don’t stuff your survey with unnecessary questions.
  2. Be open: Tell the respondents why you are conducting the survey and how their feedback will be used.
  3. Timing: Know that your respondents are busy and be considerate of their time. Let them know how long it will take to complete the survey.
  4. Progress bar: Downloading a file with a progress bar lets you know how much time is left to completion. Do this with your survey either with a progress bar or a countdown (e.g 1 of 5) so they know how much longer they have to complete your survey.
  5. Links: No one likes to click a link and be led to a dead-end. Make sure you double-check that the links in your survey email invitation are working correctly.
  6. Reminders: Be sure to send one or two reminders to those that have not completed your survey. Chances are, they either forgot or didn’t see your email.
  7. Optimize your survey: Make certain that your survey is optimized for all devices – desktop PCs to mobile devices.
  8. Be comprehensive: Check that your question is easy to understand at first glance. If it is not, amend it.
  9. Toss the jargons: You can be great with jargons that relate to your business but don’t assume your respondents are. Use words that are easy to understand. Avoid the use of jargons.
  10. Open-ended questions: The yes/no questions won’t really get you to pick the brains of your respondents. Use one or two open-ended questions so respondents can share open comments. But don’t overdo it. Two at most is fine.
  11. Sequence check: Check the flow and format of the survey. Does the sequence of questions flow fluidly?
  12. Be in their face: If you send out one survey every three months, you will be easily forgotten. By increasing the frequency of your surveys, your participants are sure to recognize your brand. Again, practice this tip with caution as too much of everything is bad. Don’t be too frequent that you begin to annoy.
  13. Incentive: Everyone likes freebies! Offer incentives from time to time to increase the response rate of your surveys.
  14. Branding: Don’t forget to brand your survey. Respondents are more relaxed when they see that the survey they are completing comes from a reputable brand.
  15. Anonymity: Sometimes, try conducting your survey anonymously. People generally feel freer answering questions honestly when there’s a hood over their identity.

Now, get started preparing your surveys and don’t forget to apply these tips to increase the response rate.

Did we miss any really awesome tip? Let us know in the comments.

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