4 Things Every Small Business Should Do This Year

As a business owner, you wake up every day with a purpose – to make your business succeed. This drive is what sometimes keeps you up at night and what makes you seek better ways to do what you do. With last year being history and this year looking good for gains, what steps have you taken to ensure that 2018 is a good one for your business?

Here are a few fundamental things you should do for your business this year:

1.Reflect with your team

Like it or not, your team is the oil that keeps the engine of your business going because you can’t do it alone. Your every day is probably spent in your head grinding and coming up with new ways to make your business grow.

Beginning of the year is the time you want to have a sit-down with your staff and spend some time listening and getting valuable feedback from them. Reflect with your team and make the environment conducive enough for everyone to bring their new ideas to the table. This act will make your team stronger, make them feel valued and give you fresh perspectives/ideas to implement for the growth of your business this year.

2. Prepare for growth

Every small business owner guns for growth in their business, but many don’t take the necessary steps to make it happen.

Be different. Be creative. Be active. Think about where your business is experiencing a lapse and what needs to be done to produce the biggest return on investment. This may also be the time you evaluate the most productive employees and the ones you need to let go of for your business to be better. It’s never easy letting staff go, but you need to do what is necessary to move your company forward.

3. Upgrade your technology

Whether we like it or not, technology keeps getting innovative. A gadget that has been the king among its mates can become obsolete in as little as a few months. But, as the old phases out, the new surfaces to make things better and smoother for your business. This means that you have to constantly seek out systems that will make the work you do better and faster. It may mean spending money to get them, but think about how it will benefit your business in the long run.

Find time or delegate a member of your team to run a quick check to see if you’re up to speed on the latest technologies available. Here are a few tools that can help your business if you don’t already use them:

  • Calendar is a great tool for scheduling and managing your time
  • Dropbox is excellent for file-sharing. A recent release- Dropbox papers, provides a Google Drive style collaboration tool
  • Slack gives you seamless and affordable team communication. This is a big help to startups and teams
  • Buffer improves your social media marketing efforts greatly because it helps you schedule posts from your social media accounts.

4. Get customer feedback

Don’t underestimate the role getting customer feedback plays in pushing your business to the next level. When you are able to understand where your customers are happy and where they think you need to improve on, you are able to give them what makes them happy. Never forget that a happy customer is a returning customer.

Send out personalized surveys via email or call to find out what your clients think of you. Be sure to use these 15 tips to get them to surely respond to your survey. You can even further ask them what they are looking forward to from you in 2018… Their response(s) will also give you fresh ideas to implement for the growth of your business.

Bottom-Line: You are in business to make profit – hence it is imperative that you try out different things in different ways to eliminate redundancy and fuel growth for your business in 2018.


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