5 Ways Leaders Can Get To Know Their Team Better

Employee retention is a big issue for many organizations. To keep your employees, you must build a relationship with them. It needs to be more than getting them to perform certain work-related tasks or greeting them, you have to show genuine interest in your people. When you show your staff that you truly care, you give them a reason to stick around.

Here are a few ways you can genuinely get to know your employees and help them feel a connection with the company.

1.Find ways to help employees succeed anywhere

Shift your mindset from assisting your employees to succeed within your organization, and instead commit to helping them succeed in life. If employees feel like the work they do will not only help the company be successful but will help them be successful in life, they will feel more appreciated and understand that you invested in them.

2. Organize regular celebrations

So you know the names of your employees? Awesome, but don’t stop there. If you honestly value them, get to know them personally. Organize regular social celebratory events. At these events, take time to give everyone a lowdown on your personal milestones and encourage them to share what is new in their lives. This type of bonding will generate love, loyalty and create a culture of inclusion. And a loyal employee is less likely to up and go.

3. Surprise employees

It is not often that employers take the time to give a thoughtful gift to employees for no reason at all – do the least expected. How about once a month, you give the highest performing employee a surprise gift. Make it easier to know what they may really want by sending out a fun survey early in the year with gift options for all to indicate their best and worst. That way, you know what to get when you need to get it. Mind you, you are not trying to buy their loyalty (seeing as the gift might just be a customized items that don’t cost an arm and a leg or even a day off or a weekend get-away), you’re showing them that you see them and you appreciate the work they do.

4. Manage by walking around

Don’t be that boss that sits behind your desk reeling out instructions via email or intercom – get up from behind your desk. Schedule time each day to manage your people by walking around.  Find out family names, hobbies, and current challenges. Get your employees to relate to you as a leader – they are bound to trust you more that way. They have to see you as a person to be able to openly ask you questions, give feedback and make your leadership work well.

5. Always Listen

As a leader, you can’t be in tune with your employees if communication is all one-way. The best way to get to know them is to create a regular rhythm of feedback that allows you to hear firsthand about their motivations, frustrations, and questions. Again, you can achieve this using a form of survey system, but be careful to avoid doing these 3 things when creating your survey.  This not only gives you insight into their engagement, it also builds trust and makes them know their voices are heard.


Bottom-line: Your employees are human and when you show them you know that, they’ll champion your business to success while learning how to be a great leader from you.

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