Non-profits: 5 Ways To Show Your Donors Love This Valentine

In the non-profit sphere, you must know that donor retention is very important. It will cost much more to get a new donor than what it will cost to keep an existing one. That is why you must go all out this 2018 to keep your donors happy and content enough to keep supporting your cause.

Don’t be one of those organizations that reach out to donors only when you want something from them. When you are generous and show them how much their support means to you, you’ll be amazed how a little love can keep you in your donor’s heart.

For this Valentine’s Day, forget about asking – you have the rest of the year to fundraise, just give love.  Think about those donors who you’d like to really appreciate. It could be your major donors, monthly donors or the longest donors you’ve had over time.

Pick the ones you want, and then use these strategies to cement your relationship with them: Continue reading “Non-profits: 5 Ways To Show Your Donors Love This Valentine”

How Nonprofits Can Improve Marketing Efforts In 2018

It is a constant challenge to find new ways of reaching volunteers and donor prospects in the nonprofit marketplace. Many nonprofits struggle to grasp the attention of your organization’s prospects making it hard to break even.

However, your organization’s marketing strategies and execution of those strategies could be the big difference that sustains it or not. To remain standing even in the midst of all other nonprofits, your organization needs to create a following and grow brand champions to represent your cause. Continue reading “How Nonprofits Can Improve Marketing Efforts In 2018”

Nonprofits: 8 Ways To Plan Successful Events In 2018

The year is fast running out and right about now, everyone is getting in the mood for the holiday festivities. As a nonprofit organization, you should be doing the same too while consciously setting the plan in place for a hitch-free 2018 for your cause.

One of the things you should be working on in these last days of the year is a plan to make next year better than this year for your organization. Part of these ways must also include charity events you are penciling down to push the cause you believe in. Continue reading “Nonprofits: 8 Ways To Plan Successful Events In 2018”