3 Things To Avoid When Creating Surveys

Did you know that many people have a disdain for surveys? Why? Because most surveys try to sell the person something instead of presenting a legitimate question.

This unfortunate twist has caused more and more surveys, especially ones from legitimate businesses like yours to get sent to the trash without even a second’s glance. There are many reasons why people have come to dislike and distrust surveys. We’ll list a few of them so that you know what to avoid when putting your survey together.

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Reasons To Use Videos In Your Survey

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but a video speaks a million words.

Why use only written words in your survey when you can speak a million words and communicate better to your audience?

Using videos in surveys is not new, but sadly underutilized. According to a study by National Centre for Research, video and film have featured in the development of social research in different sectors for years.

The study mentioned that researchers have used video for many years particularly in workplace studies, the learning sciences, and the home. “Research has used video to ask questions in a variety of sites including how social class and race are articulated in the school classroom; how museum visitors interact with one another and exhibits; how patients and General Practitioners manage consultations, including how digital resources, such as the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) shape these interactions”, the study revealed. Continue reading “Reasons To Use Videos In Your Survey”

15 Tips To Improve Your Survey Response Rate

How well is your survey working?

A quick way to tell is how well it pulls in responses.

In survey research, the response rate is the number of people who answered your survey divided by the number of people in the sample.

With the increasing burden to retain customers, it is important that you figure out ways to increase your survey response rates. All your business may need to get to that next level could be the right customer feedback. Continue reading “15 Tips To Improve Your Survey Response Rate”