Hey, You! Welcome to Upsurveys…

We welcome you to our very first blog post here at Upsurveys!

Let us start by providing you a quick breakdown of ‘who’ can use Upsurveys.

Who can use Upsurveys?

The simple answer is everyone!

As long as you have a business or foundation requiring feedback from clients or the general public, you need this product.

Marketing departments:

Do you have a marketing department in your organization or work in the marketing unit? Online surveys are the easiest and cost-effective ways to assess customer awareness, preferences, satisfaction or general product performance.


Do you need to set up an employee satisfaction survey for your staff? Look no further. We have all you need to begin right here.


Gathering data for project purposes, thesis, demographics and term paper gets no easier than this. Use the features we have and start pooling all the information you need.

General use:

From public opinion polls to event planning surveys, this is your home to building the best surveys around.

Now, before we let you go, let’s breeze through some of the amazing features we have to make Online Survey experience worth it for you.

  • Simple and Intuitive Question Building
  • Survey Branding
  • Ability for multiple account holders to share an account
  • Easy to manage teams and members
  • Ability to share sample surveys
  • Social media distribution
  • Email distribution
  • Easy to manage campaign scheduling
  • Multiple export options

And so much more!

We want to hear from you-you can comment here on the blog or send us an email at [email protected]. We promise to respond on time and work earnestly to address all your product requests as best as we can. Your input will go a long way in helping us make our product better and shape our blog content too.

Ready to begin using Upsurveys to create standard surveys? Start here


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