Non-Profit Organizations: 9 Reasons To Use Online Surveys

Data is important to non-profit organizations and the survey software offers a powerful tool to use in data gathering. As a non-profit organization, surveys are a great way to reach and engage with your target audience, while getting honest feedback on matters of concern. Here are more reasons to use online surveys:

 1. Quicker

The time required to complete an online survey is shorter than that required to achieve same result using traditional research methods. No need to wait for paper questionnaires to be returned or suffer misinterpretation of data entered by pen. Response time is almost instant since information is being gathered automatically. Research shows that over half of responses to online surveys are received within the first three days of the research project. What spells quick better than this?

2. More Accurate

Errors are greatly reduced with online surveys because the participants input their responses directly into the system. With traditional questionnaire methods, staff needs to pay attention to ensure that details are entered correctly. Human error can also seep in when someone has to perform a task many times

3. Fast to analyze

You can analyze the results of an online survey at any time. If you choose to view your results in real-time to facilitate quick action on it, or create graphs for reporting or even export data for further analysis; it’s as easy as it comes. Sharing your results with people is also an option to explore if you wish.

4. Cost effective

Using surveys to conduct research is one of the cheapest methods of gathering real data especially for non-profit organizations. You don’t need to break a bank to get the useful information you need to grow your organization. You can also avoid allocating valuable time and resources to inputting information into a database. Responses are processed automatically with the results being ready at any time.

5. Ease of usage for participants

With the speed of doing virtually everything online these days, nobody wants be burdened with complexity. With an online survey, participants can easily respond to questions at a time that best suits them.

 6. Ease of usage for researchers

The major advantage of online surveys for non-profit research is that you can increase productivity by saving time. Data is available instantly and can easily be transferred into specialized spreadsheets when more detailed analysis is required.

7. Easy to style

Use an online survey to stamp your brand in the user’s mind and remind them of the services you provide. You can customize your survey with your brand colour and even style with select background, images, logo, fonts, final re-direct page and URL of your survey. If your online survey provider supports mobile responsive surveys, that can be an excellent way to increase your reach, while maintaining your brand across all platforms.

8. Honesty

Did you know that people are more likely to respond to your survey with honest answers when you design and send relevant and targeted surveys to them? They take the time to provide longer and more detailed answers when what you ask is something they can relate with.

9. Flexibility

An online survey is flexible in that questions can be changes or skipped altogether depending on the answer to a previous question. This ensures that a survey is tailored to each participant as he or she goes along.

Bottom line: Online surveys are a great option for non-profit organizations that would prefer to conduct their own research. They don’t consume time, they are cheaper, results are collated faster, and you can transfer and use data in various applications to answer important questions.

Whether you need to collate basic or complex data, online surveys make it easy for you to do that. Begin now by designing your own online surveys in seconds with Upsurvey’s easy-to-use yet advanced software interface.

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