Non-profits: 5 Ways To Show Your Donors Love This Valentine

In the non-profit sphere, you must know that donor retention is very important. It will cost much more to get a new donor than what it will cost to keep an existing one. That is why you must go all out this 2018 to keep your donors happy and content enough to keep supporting your cause.

Don’t be one of those organizations that reach out to donors only when you want something from them. When you are generous and show them how much their support means to you, you’ll be amazed how a little love can keep you in your donor’s heart.

For this Valentine’s Day, forget about asking – you have the rest of the year to fundraise, just give love.  Think about those donors who you’d like to really appreciate. It could be your major donors, monthly donors or the longest donors you’ve had over time.

Pick the ones you want, and then use these strategies to cement your relationship with them:

1. Show donors love on social media

A great way to reach donors on Valentine’s Day is through social media networks. Create a thoughtful graphic which celebrates your donors and post to your social media page. This should catch your donors’ attention. You can even tag them on it or use a special hashtag to help promote the day and your nonprofit.

2. Give a gift

You must have some major donors. For these ones, go all out. You can start by sending them an email survey with a list of Valentine gift ideas asking them to select two – you can say you are compiling a blog post of Valentine gift ideas and need their help with ideas that work. Their response should give you an idea of the gift to get for them.

When you know what they want, make moves to get these and send along with hand-written notes written sincerely just to thank them for giving to your cause.

3. Make a spontaneous phone call

“Hello Mr. B, my name is Ann from xxx Non-Profit, I’m calling on behalf of our organization to let you know that you are our Valentine- and on this day we want to appreciate your generosity towards the xxx cause and…..” Before you even finish this line, your donor’s face will break out in a huge smile- and if he is emotional, you may even draw a few tears.

Nothing will warm the heart of your donors more than a call on Valentine’s Day.

4. Create a YouTube or Vimeo video to send your special donors some love

You can also do a personal video thanking your donors and share it on social media. Your sincerity and thoughtfulness should touch your donor in ways you didn’t imagine. If for instance, your cause represents orphans or the needy, you can take it up a notch by making a creative and fun video of them thanking the donors in their own special way.

This will have two effects – send love to your donors and help them see the lives their financial contributions touch.

5. Send Valentine’s card via email

Design your own card especially for your donors and send to them by email but if you are pressed for time, there are many places to download free e-cards that you can send to donors. They will really appreciate the thought behind it and remember it for a long time too.

Bottom-line: By making your donors feel loved, you are ensuring that they will stick around for long. Also, when next you have an event and call on them, their feedback will make you glad you gave a little love this Valentine’s Day.

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