Reasons To Use Videos In Your Survey

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but a video speaks a million words.

Why use only written words in your survey when you can speak a million words and communicate better to your audience?

Using videos in surveys is not new, but sadly underutilized. According to a study by National Centre for Research, video and film have featured in the development of social research in different sectors for years.

The study mentioned that researchers have used video for many years particularly in workplace studies, the learning sciences, and the home. “Research has used video to ask questions in a variety of sites including how social class and race are articulated in the school classroom; how museum visitors interact with one another and exhibits; how patients and General Practitioners manage consultations, including how digital resources, such as the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) shape these interactions”, the study revealed.

The study further states that videos have been used to examine cultural aspects of everyday life, for example, Pink in 2003 used video tours to explore the aesthetics of home décor in relation to social identities, media practices, and digital cultural production. Others have also used videos to explore how people produce, share and comment on videos. Now, if they can use videos to achieve all these, why not use videos in your surveys to milk needed information and data?

Videos put emotions and feelings to questions asked in an online survey making them more compelling and engaging. A person can watch a captivating video and take action required of them by what they have seen play out before their eyes.

Next step

It’s simple! Do you want ways that guarantee the success of your surveys? Then you should try using videos to make your survey hard to pass by.

Here’s how to add a YouTube video to your survey on Upsurveys

  • Select the YouTube video that you’ll like to include in your survey. After clicking on your video of choice, go up to the browser’s URL and copy the entire link to the video.
  • Select a “Question Text/Heading” option provided by the “Create Question” button on the survey edit page to add to your survey.
  • Paste your copied YouTube link in the YouTube Video box and click on “Save”. You can also add text to precede the video when creating the question or anytime afterward.

Try videos in your survey today! Haven’t already signed up? Do so here and start creating effective surveys today.

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