The $7 Trick For Generating Buzz At Your Booth

Trade shows are getting highly competitive and you literally have to pull a rabbit out of a hat to stand out. Attendees want more excitement, more entertainment according to CEIR 2017– and only exhibitors who feed this desire get noticed.

How do you get noticed?

You get noticed by doing what your contemporaries are not doing. Things like:

  • Giveaways/samples: These are overused, but also effective. Research shows that 67% of trade show attendees are engaged by them but only about 70% of exhibitors provide them.
  • Educational games: 67% of attendees are engaged by educational games about an exhibitor’s product/service but only 7% of exhibitors offer such experience.
  • Any game at all: 58% of attendees are engaged by any type of game at an exhibitor’s booth but only 10% of exhibitors offer this.


Now, you see that getting more out of a tradeshow means you must utilize the loop-holes that exist to your advantage.

Thankfully, you’re covered with a solution that not only helps you bridge the gap in experiences for attendees but also allows you to do it all for just $7Upsurveys offers dozens of tradeshow survey templates you can use to create excitement at your booth with your first month of usage free, then you only pay when you use it in future, not on an automated monthly fee.

How to use surveys to entertain, educate and generate leads

Most people don’t think of a survey as entertainment, but it is. The trick lies in the kinds of questions you ask. To use this advantageously, turn one of the touchscreen displays at your booth into a fun survey and rev up the excitement for attendees.

Getting people to participate can be as simple as offering a prize to be won or doing a raffle draw. You can raffle off a mouth-watering prize that meets your industry standard gift policy but if you don’t have a big prize to raffle off, not to worry – most people would be happy with a smaller prize like a higher end premium item ($10-25 range). Also, don’t underestimate the power of a $25 gift card to a popular coffee chain.

The practical guide to using survey game to entertain customers

Have people enter a guess something-relevant-to-your-industry game or just a random guessing game like:

  • Predict the closing price of the DOW industrial index.
  • Guess the combined score of a sporting event that will happen maybe that night.
  • Guess the number of jellybeans in a large jar.

Don’t forget that while the idea is to keep the buzz alive in your booth, your end game is to make sales and harvest leads. So, endeavor to collect attendees firm, name, email, number and use this opportunity to ask a few qualifying questions that will assist you in follow up.

The practical guide to using survey game to educate customers

Create a quiz about your product of no more than 5 questions and make the last something attendees have to guess on. Example:

  • Guess the number of transactions your firm performs in a month.
  • Guess the weight of your product.

Or any other impressive statistic that is hard to guess. Whoever gets the other four questions correctly and is closest to the last question wins the prize.

Again, don’t forget to use this opportunity to ask some qualifying questions and also collect the attendee contact details for a possible follow up.

Utilizing this format, you are likely to get most attendees’ interest enough for them to ask your representatives for help with answers. Key into this opportunity to discuss the customer’s needs and give them your product pitch to help them in the quiz.

The practical guide to creating survey attendees want to see results of

It’s possible that your attendees are itching to know some things about your industry, give them what they want in the form of a 5-6 question survey with relevant industry questions. The only way for the attendees to get the survey results is to participate in the survey. Make sure you ask firm size/type questions to help filter the answers and incentivize participation with a prize.

Some questions you can ask are:

  • How likely are you to utilize a new XYZ technology or service?
  • Ask them to rank their biggest concerns using options you provide on the survey.

To be successful at this, you need a tool that makes analysis easy.  Upsurveys makes it very easy to download and analyze your results.

Then ensure you email the result of the survey to participants as soon as possible after the event using it as a follow-up opportunity.

How to create a viral feel around your game, quiz, or industry survey

Is it any good having an exciting game without people knowing about it? Of course not. This is why you need to make some noise about your entertainment plan to as many ears as possible. You can do that by:

  • Leveraging the show’s social media and app to promote your game. By the nature of these games and quizzes, people will tell their colleagues to participate so they can compete with them.
  • If your game is tied to a sporting event, show the last 30 minutes at your booth so people can gather around to see the outcome.
  • Re-run the guessing game or quiz every day (depending on the duration the show lasts) giving more people a chance to win.

The Upsurveys advantage

Upsurveys makes it easy to create guessing games, quizzes, and industry surveys with dozens of premade templates.

  • You get our entire feature set right off and everything is unlimited.
  • Your first week to create and capture data is free, after that, you can create all your surveys for free and only pay for the time to capture data/responses.

Most exhibitors opt for our $7 weekly plan and you should consider it as well. This way, you only pay for the few weeks a year that you have a conference and need to capture the data for results.

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